Welcome to the store of the Polish Centre of St. Hildegard. We invite you to browse and purchase products on our website. We assure that spelt and the spelt products in our store have medicinal properties.


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Polskie Centrum św.Hildegardy
59-220 Legnica, ul. Szmaragdowa 2
Nip: 691-001-89-45
Regon: 390279534


Numer konta bankowego:

Bank PKO BP oddział Legnica

numer: 55 1020 3017 0000 2102 0171 7990


Sklep Firmowy:

Al. Piłsudskiego 24

59-220 Legnica
tel. : +48 76 8546486

kom. +48 516 036 062
e-mail: orkisz@hildegarda.pl


Godziny otwarcia sklepu:

Poniedziałek - piątek 9:00 - 17:00



  • Products of  Dr Strehlow and Jura

    Polish Centre of St. Hildegard in Legnica has exclusive rights to sell products of Jura and cosmetics of Dr. Strehlow in Poland.

  • Certificates  - 100% guarantee

    The products of Jura and cosmetics of Dr. Strehlow available in our store have certificates attesting that they  come from hundred per cent true and natural sources.  The only such source provides beneficial effects described by St. Hildegard.

  • Spelt and the pelt products

    We assure that the spelt and the spelt products from our store have got medicinal properties.

  • Al. Piłsudskiego 24, Legnica
  • +48 76 854 64 86
  • orkisz@hildegarda.pl